Medicare Part D Reviews & Banquets

Enrollment steps for Medicare Part D drug plans

Enrollment Procedure:

Enrollment by phone is recommended. The call takes approximately 20-30 minutes. The phone number to enroll can be found under the name of the plan you have chosen.

During the enrollment process, be sure to:

  • Confirm Plan Name
  • Confirm all costs: premiums, deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance
  • Ask for a confirmation number and note the date of the phone call
  • IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you do NOT have the premium COST deducted from your Social Security check.

Choose to pay your premium from one of these options:

  • Automatic withdrawal from your bank account
  • Automatic credit card payment
  • Receive bills monthly and pay by check

Watch for Your Drug Plan Packet and Member Card: A couple of weeks after enrollment or prior to January 1, the packet will arrive by mail. If you do not have it by January 1, call the drug plan.

Your package should include:

  • Member Card to Present to Your Pharmacy
  • Formulary Listing of the Drugs the Plan Covers
  • Outline of Coverage
  • Appeals Process
  • Other Explanations and Benefits

Watch for Important Questionnaire that REQUIRES YOUR RESPONSE
You will receive a Questionnaire from your Drug Company after you enroll or shortly after the first of the year. It may be included with the Part D packet or in a separate mailing.

Carefully read the choices and respond correctly by indicating you DO NOT have creditable employer drug coverage. This may be worded in various ways. You MUST return this response to the drug plan.

Information Sheet from the Conference Office:

The Benefits Office will be mailing a letter with statements regarding “creditable drug coverage and the end date for the IGRC group drug coverage.” If needed, this letter provides you with important proof that there will be no penalty charge as long as you have enrolled by December 7. You may or may not be asked to send a copy of this letter to your drug company.

It is IMPORTANT to keep this letter on file indefinitely.

Use it if a Part D Drug plan wants proof after your enrollment, that you were covered by qualified creditable drug coverage prior to January 1, 2012. Wait to be asked to send a copy of the letter. At some point, the drug plan may request proof of the date your creditable drug “employer” coverage ended. This information sheet will provide the response they need. Keep the original sheet. If requested, send a copy to the drug plan.

If Problems Arise

If, during the year, your prescription plan does not seem to be running smoothly and you do not receive satisfactory answers from your drug plan, contact the SHIP program closest to you. For locations, call 800-546-9034.

Switching to Another Drug Plan in Future Years

To switch from one drug plan to another in future years, please refer to the “How to Reduce Your Drug Costs” section about the specific and unique steps to do this.

What is the donut hole in Medicare Part D plans?

The donut hole or coverage gap occurs when the total cost for your drugs – including all deductibles, co-pays, and the amount the plan pays – reach a certain amount. During the gap, or donut hole, there is no prescription drug coverage and you will pay the entire cost of the drugs until you hit the upper limit and Catastrophic Coverage begins. All Medicare Part D plans have the same donut hole and the plan tracks the expense. You do not have to.