Services to Retired Clergy and Spouses

Medicare Supplement

PASBF contributes $1.5 million annually to the IGRC Retiree Health Plan to purchase the Medicare Supplement. Monthly premiums are only $35 for retirees and $70 for spouses with NO deductibles or co-pays. Retirees and Spouses must meet the vesting requirements. This is the ONLY benefit of PASBF with vesting rules. All other benefits are available to all retirees and spouses from IGRC.

Medicare Part D Research

PASBF assists retirees and spouses to discover their options for Medicare Part D Plans. This is typically done during the Open Window – Oct 15 – Dec 7 – each year.

Medicare Part D Benefit

PASBF offers a Medicare Part D Benefit for those with expensive prescription medications. 

Medicare Tips and Helps

Click here for several insightful sheets and instructions to help you with Medicare and its website.

Tax Preparation Help

Do you need help with tax preparation? If so, click here for a list of tax preparers who specializes in clergy taxes.



Virgin Pulse

PASBF pays for the first pedometer and all benefits to retirees and spouses from the IGRC. You need your own email to sign-up. Click here for instructions and begin to earn money with every step you take.

Clergy Assistance Program

All retirees and spouses can take advantage of the Clergy Assistance Program (CAPS) because PASBF pays for all of the fees. There are several ministries under CAPS including 1) counseling, 2) legal consultation, 3) financial consultation, 4) identity theft, 5) elder care, 6) nutrition, and 7) exercise. Click here to learn more.

Claim Problems for Medicare Supplement Plan

If you have received a medical bill and you do not believe you owe anything, click here to download the Guidelines for Reporting Claim Problems for the Medicare Supplement Plan.  The sheet will provide you with what information is needed and who to contact.  Please know claims can take up to 90 days to be processed.

If the issues is related to your prescription medications, you will need to contact your Medicare Part D Plan directly.

Death Benefits

 Click here for the 2018 CPP Benefits.  If you are unsure if you qualify for the CPP benefits in retirement, call Wespath at 800-851-2201. 

Fellowship Groups

Fellowship Groups meet all over the conference, connecting retirees and spouses. Many meet monthly but some meet less often. Click here to find a group near you!

Dental and Hearing Aid Loans

PASBF offers a 1% simple interest loan for dental and hearing aids. The loans are available to all retired clergy and spouses of IGRC.

PASBF has also teamed up with Amplifon to offer up to 40% discounts on hearing aids.

Click here for more information.