IGRC Medicare Supplement

This is the only benefit where vesting rules apply. All other benefits are for all retired clergy and spouses from the Illinois Great Rivers Conference no matter the number of years served.

PASBF donates $1.5 million for the purchase of the Medicare Supplement for retired clergy and spouses who qualify. The plan is similar to a Medicare Plan F.  There is no prescription coverage in this supplement.  Retirees and spouses must purchase their own Medicare Part D Plan.

There are NO Deductibles or Co-Pays in our plan. Retirees and spouses should have no out of pocket expenses on all covered expenses.

General rule of thumb for IGRC Supplement Plan, if Medicare covers it, our supplement will cover it. If you are ever in doubt, always have the doctor’s office call to ensure coverage.

Expenses are listed below for the plan:


Covered Medical Expenses

Retired Clergy

Spouse/Surviving Spouse


$35/ month

$70/ month







Click here for the Vesting Rules.

If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Keith Anderson at 217-529-3221.