If you are a Pastor looking for a Guest Preacher, you have come to the right place! Below is a list of retired clergy willing to serve as a guest preacher.

If you are a retired clergy who would like to be on this list, please contact Rev. Keith Anderson at 217-529-3221.

Rev. Keith Anderson – keanderson@igrc.org
Rev. Ed Weston – edweston69@gmail.com
Rev. Phil Icenogle – jaipli@aol.com
Rev. Bobbi Blackard – floyd.bobbi.blackard@gmail.com
Rev. Brad Henson – brad@livingtheadventure.net

Rev. Ted Frost, United Methodist Foundation Director – tfrost@igrc.org

Retired Clergy
Rev. Robert Edwards -618-566-4092
Rev. Delbert Essen
Rev. Gilbert Fletcher – happyotter@insightbb.com
Rev. Phillip Glick – PhillipGlick@gmail.com
Rev. Miley Palmer – mpalmer@igrc.org
Rev. Bill Pruett – 217-233-2072
Rev. Bob Patterson – patbob@wabash.net
Rev. Nelson Reiber – nreiber@igrc.org
Rev. Mildred Sloan – milliesloan@msn.com
Rev. Jack Travelstead – Revjtravel@aol.com
Rev. Paul Unger – epunger@insightbb.com.